Zeronucksis the creator of Bendy And The Ink Machine: Downward Fall.


About him

According by the only representation of him being a furry, we can assume that Zeronucks is a furry.

Zeronucks was basically the only one working on Downward Fall, before the new update, he did everything except that most of the sound effects and textures belonged to theMeatly Games, Ltd. When Zeronucks was working on the new updates, he made the textures, and everything.

List of works made by him (before the new update):

  • Model for Fetty and the Bendy Doll
  • Voice acting for almost every characters except Andy Fasser
  • Drawings and artworks
  • Models for beds, brush, bottles, headband and every others objects that aren't present in the real games.

Zeronuck's motivation for becoming a game developer came from BaTIM, so he isn't mad toward theMeatly for removing his game because he's the reason for why he became a game developer. He won't work anymore on Downward Fall because he doesn't want to mess up with theMeatly and getting sued.

He also has a DeviantArt account here.