Not much is known about him, however, Mickey is possibly drunk as mentioned by Nancy. He also does not work anymore.


Mickey appears to be a mean and selfish man, That's the only thing known about his Personality.


  • Mickey hid Nancy's keys somewhere.
  • Mickey is the second person in the game to swear, The first being Pickers.
  • There is an error in his script where at the beginning it says "LEmme" instead of "Lemme".
  • Mickey Mills' first name might refer to the Disney character Mickey Mouse.


Let me tell you fake ass people listening to this, when I came here I thought it'd BE ALL FRIENDLY, BUT NOOOO, Ya'll had to be just like mai ex-wife an nag me to death all the time, I don't need that in my life!

Fuck you JOEY And Fuck you especially Nancy, I hid your keys.