Fetty is an obese version of the cartoon character Boris the Wolf and a secondary character from Downward Fall.


Fetty is a bloated defective Boris, not much is known about him or where he came from, all we know is that he's into drawing, this can be seen in the Bacon Soup cut scene where in a flashback he's seen working on an early version of the poster "Box'n Key" This is also apparent on the main title screen.

It's also hinted he's an alcoholic.


  • Fetty was first a joke, making fun of Deviantart, but eventually turned into a legitimate character in the game, a note can be found in the Inky path on a desk near the Elevator that hints at this joke.
  • There's an error in Fetty's model where if the legs are positioned wrong, it'll seem as if something is sticking out of his crotch, this was not intended whatsoever but does make a fun fact.